Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Windham Fabrics - Free Quilt Pattern (Boxed In)

Would you like a free quilt pattern?  

You are in luck as I'm here to share with you a pattern I designed for Windham Fabrics earlier this year, this was for an upcoming collection of theirs called Ampersands.  I've named this quilt BOXED IN.

As you can see from the image below, this design is multi-faceted and allows you to play with lots of color.  

Quilt Pattern BOXED IN Windham Fabrics

BOXED IN was created as part of Windham's Free Project program, so if you are interested in making this quilt, use the link below to visit their site and download the pattern.  It's that easy!

Oh, and don't forget to share your work on social media and tag me @LoveOldHouses as I love seeing my ideas "out in the world".  I've said it once, and I'll say it again...I hope you enjoy these patterns, because there are several more of them coming your way over the next few months.

Isn't collaboration a great thing?

- Kristy
Monday, September 29, 2014

Making Time

I've been doing lots of quilting-related stuff that most haven't seen, and I find it hard keeping track of it all unless it is in one place (my blog).  Yet, sometimes when I can't talk about things until months later, I have to rely heavily on my blog post drafts...and at this moment, I have 18 posts waiting behind the curtain and that is a first for me.

Here are a few upcoming things I'll be sharing with you sooner hopefully rather then later:
  • Two yet to be revealed pillow patterns designed and written for Camelot Fabrics.
  • Five yet to be revealed quilt patterns designed and written for Windham Fabrics.  
  • Two quilts designed, sewn and the corresponding self-published patterns to be revealed later this Fall/Winter.
None of this would be possible if I had not made sacrifices elsewhere and there were periods when I was even questioning my own sanity, yet...

We Make Time For What We Truly Want

At the end of the day, I believe that all of this was definitely worth it.  I can remember thinking how 2013 seemed to be a turning point in my quilting career (yes, I think I'm actually calling it a career now); but 2014 is shaping up to be a real whopper and it's not even over yet.

And because no blog posts should be published without a photo or are some sneaky peaks.

Stay Tuned!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Quilt Market Sewing - Lots of Pillows

So I'm not going to Quilt Market in Houston (maybe next year); but I was invited to make a few things for the Camelot Fabrics that counts, right?  Haha!

First up is my ELEVATION pillow; which I designed for them earlier this year.  They asked if I would make it in the Playground collection, specifically in the prints as seen below.

Camelot Fabrics Playground collection

It didn't take too long to put this one together.  Isn't it perfect for a children's room?

ELEVATION Pillow Camelot Fabrics

If you would like to make your own ELEVATION pillow, the free tutorial can be found here (ELEVATION Pillow Tutorial)

They also asked me if I could make a few pillows using my AROUND THE BLOCK design. They sent me fabric from three different collections, and even after making not one, not two; but three pillows using this design, I still really like the that says something.

At top is fabric from the What A Gem collection, in the middle Folklore and at the bottom Nightfall.

AROUND THE BLOCK Pillow Camelot Fabrics

If you would like to make your own AROUND THE BLOCK pillow, the free tutorial can be found here (AROUND THE BLOCK Pillow Tutorial).

Although that isn't the last of the Quilt Market sewing that I am doing this year...more on that later, it is what is done at this moment. If you are attending the trade show, and come across these pillows, would you mind snapping a photo for me?