Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Bedroom Renovation & Finally Getting Some Zzzzz's.

My bedroom has technically been a work in progress since I moved into my home back in 2007.

I finally had enough last year (keep in mind that is 6 years later) and decided to tackle it once and for all.  While it wasn't a full gut-job, it was pretty darn close...we tore up the carpeting, took down the ceiling tile (don't ask), ripped down the door and ended up skimcoating the entire 12 ft. x 13 ft. room.

Things moved super fast; but came to a screeching halt after I completed my pallet ceiling.  Yet, I was determined once and for all to finally relax and fully live in the room again.  While there is still decor to hang, things to buy, a door to install and a rolling rack to build, I am thrilled with the results so far.

Bedroom Renovation - Before
Bedroom Renovation -After

Bedroom Renovation Before
                      Before  (2007)                                                                     After  (2014)

Bedroom Renovation After

                      Before  (2007)                                                                  After  (2014)

Pallet Ceiling

After  (2014)

Not too bad, eh.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

MQG Leadership Conference - Will you be there?

There were limited resources back when I first became President of the St. Louis MQG and most of my knowledge came from Google searches or was something I made up on the spot. When I found something that worked for us, I posted about it on the MQG's Leadership Forum (the one prior to the Community site).  I emailed with other MQG leaders and learned of their successes, hurdles and even failures. Yet, it still felt like something was missing...

...It Was

Fast forward to earlier this year, when the MQG announced a Leadership Conference the Monday following QuiltCon 2015.  I raised my hand right away and am happy to sit on the committee and be leading one of topics in this first of it's kind event for the modern quilting community.  

QuiltCon Leadership Conference

There is a General Session and five excellent topics from which attendees can select three:

(General Session) A to Z: From Administration to Zombies, Everything You Need to Know About Managing Your Guild
Stitch & B*tch: Conflict Resolution for Your Guild
Speakers, Teachers & Sewlebrities: Finding & Contracting Quilting Talent
Quilting Behind Bars: The (Il)legal Stuff
Keeping it Zentresting: Developing Programs and Guild Fun
Where’s the Swag Bag? A Guide to Sponsorships and Partnerships for Your Guild

We learned at our last committee meeting that registration is half full right now; which means that space is definitely limited.  Each MQG can send up to two Officers; which is a great way to "divide and conquer" the topics and ensure that your guild gets the most out of your attendance.

If you are a current MQG Officer and haven't signed up for this event yet...what are you waiting for? Registration is transferable, so if your guild has upcoming elections it still makes sense to sign up now and then transfer later.

If you are not an officer; ask your local guild leaders if they will be attending this event.  Not, only will it will help them be even more amazing leaders; but will provide your group with tons of new programming and event ideas.

So, will I see you there?


Friday, September 12, 2014

RIP iPod Classic

On Tuesday, while the whole world learned of the keynote announcements that Apple had made introducing the new iPhone 6, and it's Watch; they secretly made another move too.  They quietly got rid of the iPod Classic; you know the one with the iconic click-wheel. You can of course still buy the other versions including a Shuffle, Nano and iPod Touch; but that little wheel is no longer, and for that I am sad.  

iPod Classic

I can remember buying my iPod...I would say my first iPod; but I've only ever owned one and still use it to this day. It was back in 2006, my job was sending me on an international business trip and I knew that this was the perfect excuse for me to spend the $$$. Even though I had made up my mind months/weeks/days earlier, it was still an investment. 

That little music box has been my companion across hundreds of thousands of miles, whether in my daily commute to and from work, random roadtrips, or my visits to seven other countries across three continents. 

It's not like I hate change, as I moved without hesitation from records to cassette tapes, and later from CDs to downloading music.  The fact is not lost on me that nothing has really changed, my iPod still works (unless I have now cursed it), and when the time comes I can easily sync my music to my iPhone and use one device instead of two.  Maybe I am affected because I have reached the age where I remember the brilliant birth and now quiet departure of a piece of pop culture.